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Be the BEST Real Estate Agent

Be the BEST Real Estate Agent!

We would all like to think we are doing what we can to be the BEST Real Estate Agent.  Here are some things that can make the difference between being a Real Estate Agent and Being the BEST Real Estate Agent!

Obviously, having experience is a great advantage, but even brand new Real Estate Agents can be the BEST if they work hard, smart, and go the extra mile for their clients.  If a Real Estate Agent treats every transaction as if it were their personal purchase or sale, that is a GREAT start!

The BEST Real Estate Agent Values Everyone’s Time, Including Their Own!

  • They select their clients carefully.
  • They are early for appointments, armed with property information.
  • They map their showing schedule to get through homes efficiently.
  • They verify Buyers are adequately qualified for a purchase before scheduling showings.
  • They do not schedule home showings to financially incapable Buyers.
  • They quickly return fellow Real Estate Agents calls and provide what is needed to facilitate a smooth transaction.
  • They communicate with all parties to a transaction, monitor contract deadlines, and help to close on the date promised.

The BEST Real Estate Agent is an Investigator and a Problem Solver!

  • They are not afraid to ask questions, to help identify potential concerns.
  • They are naturally curious, and enjoy investigating a real estate purchase.
  • They keep calm. Real Estate is full of surprises, new obstacles, and changes.  When something new surfaces, they find solutions or suggestions for resolving.
  • They try to find some solutions prior to alerting their client of a problem, to help reduce upset.
  • They seek professional advice from Lenders, Escrow Officers, Inspectors, and anyone who might be able to help.

The BEST Real Estate Agent Arrives Prepared.

  • They come prepared with a flashlight, measuring tape, a compass, and snacks.
  • They travel with a sales contract. Most Real Estate Agents use electronic signatures, but sometimes a client might require a hard copy.  Some want to go over the sales contract in person.
  • They have the property information with them. Either paper or electronically they have access to the MLS details, the property history, the mortgage history, disclosures (if made available), and maps showing property layout.

The BEST Real Estate Agent is Responsive.

  • They answer the phone or text messages, if only to let a Buyer or Seller know they have received their question or information.
  • They acknowledge receipt of an email, so the Buyer or Seller know what to expect, or to let them know what they are working on, or how they are addressing their client’s needs.

The BEST Real Estate Agent Communicates Efficiently.

  • They answer direct questions with direct answers.
  • They explain their purpose, how they work, how they get paid, and set an expectation.
  • They help a Buyer or Seller with an expectation of how their transaction will go, offering timelines, scenarios, and anticipated problems.
  • They keep all parties to the transaction informed and insert themselves into the Lending and Escrow process to make sure the transaction runs as expected, and that any problems are quickly addressed.
  • They keep a log regarding all communications to keep organized and to remember the details of a transaction or a Client.

The BEST Real Estate Agent Listens.

  • They listen when their Clients tell them what they need, what they want, their financial goals, and their motivation.
  • They listen for any alarming statements from their Clients, and for indications of confusion. If a Client mentions something that can impact their sale, it needs to be addressed.
  • They listen for indications of deception or inconsistencies by any parties to the transaction, and responds accordingly.

The BEST Real Estate Agent has Great Connections.

  • They can recommend Lenders for different Buyer situations.
  • They can recommend Home Inspectors, Well Water Inspectors, and Septic Inspectors to help a Buyer through their inspection contingencies
  • They can recommend professionals, like accountants, attorneys, escrow officers, or consultants to help a Buyer or Seller make informed decisions.

The BEST Real Estate Agent Behaves Professionally.

  • They should be appropriately dressed, with a clean car.
  • They should be polite and professional to all parties to a transaction, even if they are not a Client.
  • They never talk negatively about any parties to the transaction. They do their best to maintain professionalism, even when faced with unacceptable treatment.

A GREAT Real Estate Agent is rarely remembered as an intense “Sales” person.  If a Real Estate Agent can help people make smart and informed decisions about their Real Estate investments, they will have continued business and a large referral base.  If a Real Estate Agent finds they are aggressively pushing sales, they should go sell lower ticket items.  The public has shown us they think we are the BEST if we have their backs, that we try to identify problems, pose solutions, and work eagerly towards their goals.  That is not too much to ask of the BEST Real Estate Agents!

What do you think makes the BEST Real Estate Agent?

Obviously, having experience is a great advantage, but even brand new Real Estate Agents can be the BEST if they work hard, smart, and go the extra mile for their clients.

Thank you for sharing!

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