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  • Selling For Sale By Owner is Hard in The Summer

    Selling a home without the services of a professional real estate agent is never easy. If you asked ten homeowners if they thought they could sell their home I am sure a good percentage of them would say absolutely no problem. The facts, however, say the exact opposite. Statistics say that over 80 percent of all for sale by owners fail. Want to know when it is even more difficult for a FSBO?

    If you guessed in the summer months you would be correct. Selling for sale by owner in the summer is even more challenging. There are some serious drawbacks attempting to sell for sale by owner in the summer. Downsides that many homeowners do not consider. One of the first and foremost is scheduling issues. When you are selling your home you need to be available on the buyers clock not yours. If you are not prepared to show the home on the buyers schedule selling is going to be extremely difficult.

    What does this mean exactly? Let's start by recognizing that a lot of showings are going to occur in the evening when buyers are getting out of work. If you have kids then you're probably realizing how much of a challenge this will be. Do you like taking a vacation in the summer? How about going away on weekends? I hope you are not nodding your head in the affirmative because you can forget about it. Selling your home as a FSBO is a full time job you need to commit to.

    There are reasons why real estate agents get paid handsomely to sell a home and this is just one of them. Real Estate agents take care of the showings so you don't have to worry about it.

    In my latest article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, you will see all of the other reasons why selling a home in the summer is such a pain in the butt. You will also learn the other reasons besides showing the home that going FSBO may not be the right move.

    Are you already 100 percent committed and know you have the time to save the commission you'll have to pay otherwise. Ok good enough - you'll still want to take a look at some of the excellent tips to increase the odds you will have some success as a for sale by owner.

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    I agree with your post. When it come to move to a new house, many other homeowners confused that “Should I sell my house or put it at rent?”

    Well, let me tell you that this for sale by owner of rent it out decision depends on a number of factors like

    Consider the reason for move
    ****yze your financial condition
    ****yze the housing market
    Think if your house can be a valuable investment

    The above-given tips are the answer to your question that whether to selling a house as is before moving or rent it out? After reading these tips, you must have noticed that the answer would be different for every homeowner as the conditions vary from one to one. So, go through the tips with a free mind and ****yze the best option for you.


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      Selling a house is not an easy task especially in summer. I think to hire a real estate agent is the right decision to sell home fast.
      Thanks for sharing the useful tips.


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