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    FootPrints RE Inc Another Scam Company Fattening their Wallets!

    I was surfing the web for FootprintsRE Inc this morning. Someone in one of my Linkedin Groups had asked about this company. I had never heard of them, so I made myself a note to check on them. I like to keep posted on the latest REO opportunities, but I guess I missed these folks! =)

    The website is

    I found a series of SCAM postings, indicating this company is related to BankersREO. We ALL have heard of BankersREO!!

    I came across this video, posted by Mike Linkenauger, who is an incredible resource for Default Professionals. He posted an EXCELLENT video.

    Share his video with fellow agents within your Real Estate Network. Use the "share" buttons above this post on the upper right hand side. You owe it to your network to make certain they don't fall victim to a scam, or are at least aware of the level of concern they should feel.

    To be fair, I also encourage anyone who has had a positive financial experience with this company to post. Please post below if you have had a lucrative business relationship with Footprints REO Inc. We will even be willing to hear if you have simply made as much money as you spent. I would consider breaking even a positive experience, in light of loss many people have suffered financial loss. Please post your details, location, and anything that might be useful.

    The only thing I can add to Mike's video is that BankersREO has a really bad reputation within the REO Community, in the event you are unfamiliar with them. They lure agents in to pay them $349 and promise them an REO listing in return.

    I have heard terrible things about BankerREO. See their rating at the Better Business Bureau. BankerReo, Inc Business Review in Glenview, IL - Chicago and Northern Illinois BBB

    It is rumored that BankerReo is owned by the same people who had Absolute REO Solutions REO, Inc. See Absolute REO Solutions info from the Better Business Bureau. Absolute REO Solutions, Inc. Business Review in Northbrook, IL - Chicago and Northern Illinois BBB

    What is that saying about a pig and lipstick??
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    Re: FootPrints RE Inc Another Scam Company Fattening their Wallets!

    I was just contacted by this company. Has any used them. Are they just a scam. Tamara

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    Re: FootPrints RE Inc Another Scam Company Fattening their Wallets!

    Thanks for sharing this. Never understood why people resort to being scammers. If they worked as hard at being honest as they do at finding ways to scam people, then they could make a decent living.

    Mark Brian Silver Star Real Estate Anderson SC

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    Re: FootPrints RE Inc Another Scam Company Fattening their Wallets!

    I signed up with them in July 2013 at the cost of $300.00 The contract clearly states 100% Money-Back Guarantee should I not obtain any listings during the term of the membership. It's been over one year. I contacted them 4 times, no reply. Needless to say I will go after them. I will report them to every scam organization, and or any other means necessary.

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