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Linkedin Profile

I am active on Linkedin. What can I say………..I LOVE Linkedin for business! 

I make a lot of business connections through Linkedin and have enjoyed many real estate opportunities and relationships as a result.

I run a few large groups for Real Estate Agents, so when new members apply, I review every Linkedin Profile prior to accepting new members. I do this because there are certain clues that an applicant may just be using linkedin to spam fellow members.

An important thing to note.  Many Agents do not indicate their service area location on their linkedin profile. When I stall my computer mouse over a Linkedin profile widget, a pop-up of your abbreviated Linkedin profile appears. Located just under your name, is your location.  It is surprising to know how many Agents leave this Linkedin profile field blank!  In terms of information, Real Estate Agents want our service area available to potential Clients.

Additionally, Linkedin can be searched by location,  so indicating the “United States” is not serving your purpose. There is also a place on your Linkedin profile for you to indicated your company location, which I just discovered while writing this post!

This proves that Linkedin is constantly evolving our profile fields with  technology.

Let visitors know If you want to be contacted, by putting your phone number or email address in the body of your profile IN ADDITION to your linkedin profile fields.

Linkedin distinguishes your connection level with someone viewing your profile to determine if your contact information is visibly available to them.  So, if a Buyer or Seller is not connected to you, your email and phone number fields are  not visible to them. However, if you duplicate your phone and email into your Linkedin “professional summary” section,  it will be visible regardless of your connection status with the party viewing your profile. 

Can you imagine missing the chance to receive the phone call or an email from a Buyer or Seller, just because your not ALREADY connected. Not good for business.

Do NOT TYPE YOUR PROFILE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!! You seem angry, and no one wants to hire someone who is angry. AM I WRONG?? AM I?? (see what I mean)

Attach your business website link under “websites” on your Linkedin profile. In the event that you skip my advice in item 1 and 2, a prospective client could always click your website to locate your contact information and location.

List your Real Estate Certifications under “Certifications” This is fairly new available category, which can also be searchable for prospects.

The same holds true with skills and experience.

Ask a few people to provide recommendations.

Recommendations somehow make someone feel real to me. Now, don’t use every recommendation you receive. Some, while thoughtful, are not well written. Leave them out.

I just added into my Linkedin profile that I welcome connections. Although it feels pretty obvious (to me), because of how active I am on linkedin, I just thought it might be smart to mention it. If you welcome connections as well, let people know it.  The fear of rejection can be tricky. 

A “Zero Connections” warning is flagged on a Linkedin profile next to those applying for group access on closed groups (not available to the public). because that is an indication of a spammer, or someone who has a fake profile. If someone has zero connections, and a blank profile, they get declined for group participation.

Connect with some people on linkedin. It has benefits outside of reducing your spammer radar.

Any Recommendations for using Linkedin for Realtors?

  It is surprising to know how many Agents leave this Linkedin profile field blank!  In terms of information, Real Estate Agents want our service area available to potential Clients.

Thank you for sharing!

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