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Real Estate Website WordPress Settings

Real Estate Website WordPress Settings

Now that you have installed WordPress and received your Login and Password, let’s update the Real Estate Website Settings first, as some of the changes will make the next steps of creating a website very quick and organized.  Adjusting the below listed website settings should take a matter of minutes.

Your Real Estate Website Settings can be gone through one by one and completed, but here are the necessary settings to make your Real Estate Website immediately ready for the next steps.  Although we are just adding pages without any content, you will see why creating the pages first will help in quickly moving forward.  You can add your personalized page content. 

Login to your WordPress Real Estate Site.  You will be taken to the WordPress Website Dashboard.  This is the back end of the site, where site visitors cannot see.

Users, select your account (Generally default is “admin”)

  • Enter First and Last Name.
  • Enter your contact info including your social networks if you like, or can leave for later.
  • Click Generate Password, you can use the generated password or enter one.
  • Click update profile.

Create Pages, You can create pages that are appropriate for your Real Estate Focus.

  • Pages, Add New. Enter Title “Home,” This is a name typically entered for all sites.
  • Pages, Add New. Enter Title. Consider “Contact Us” or name as you like, Publish.
  • Pages, Add New, Enter Title, Publish. I will name “Service Area, ” as typical for Real Estate Websites.
  • Pages, Add New, Enter Title, Publish. I will name “Services,” as typical for Real Estate Websites.

Settings, General Settings

  • Enter Site Title.
  • Enter Your Real Estate business tagline.
  • Enter the email address of the main contact for your website.
  • Leave “anyone can register” on your site unless you want otherwise.
  • Select your time zone.
  • Choose your preferred date format.
  • Settings, Reading
  • Your homepage displays, select “A static page, ” select “Home.”
  • Blog pages show at most “10” posts.
  • Syndication feeds show the most “10 recent”
  • For each article in a feed, show “Summary.”
  • Search Engine Visibility leave box unchecked.
  • Settings, Permalinks
  • Common Settings, select “Post Name.”
  • Optional, leave blank.
  • Settings, Disable Comments, Select “Pages.”

Now you are ready for the fun stuff!  Next you are going to start to see your AWESOME Real Estate Website come to LIFE!   

Your WordPress Settings take just a minute to adjust to make it ready to start building an awesome real estate site!

Thank you for sharing!

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