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Accept BPO Orders Quickly

Now that you have signed up with all of the BPO Companies that offer work, you are probably wondering how to get the BPO work faster than your competition.

Do you want to know how to get the BPO work before others do? Getting the work is the key to making money as a BPO Agent. You have to get the BPO work!  Let’s say you just received a BPO Blast from a company you just signed up with for their BPO Orders.

First, what is a BPO Blast?!  If you are not familiar with what a BPO Blast order is, it is the most common way BPO Companies notify their agents of a new BPO work available. It is an email sent out to all approved agents within that companies network. The email goes out to everyone identifying the address, the BPO type (interior BPO, exterior BPO) and the pay offered for the job. The first person to login and “accept” the BPO work, get it. So, your speed directly relates to the number of BPO jobs you can secure for yourself.  If you are wondering what a BPO Broker Price Opinion is, start here!

Make your email alert you of BPO assignments by creating “RULES.”  My instruction is going to be using Outlook on Windows, but I am sure Mac has the same capabilities.  I use 2010, but I have used this tactic with previous versions of office. Outlook allows you to create specific alerts or actions for Outlook to take when you get an email from a particular email address.

Let me illustrate how to use “rules.”  Let’s name the company BPO Blast Company “BPO Work,” Let ‘s say the email address is that sends the email blasts with knew BPO work opportunities.

Right click on the email, click “rules,” then “create a new rule.” A popup box will appear and ask you the purpose to create a rule.  Select “From the Email Address “” to create an action for each time you get an email from “”  I recommend you check the following boxes “Display in the New Item Alert Window” AND “Play a Selected Sound,” so a popup box will appear on your computer along with a sound alert when you get an email from your specified email address.

A step further is needed if you want to have others in your office alerted to opportunities as well. If you work as a team or have administrative staff, you can elect to notify others of an incoming email from a particular email address.  Click “Advanced-Options” another box will appear. Select the first options again, from the email address”” then click “next” select “forward it to people or public group.”You will see “people or public group” populate under “Step 2: click “people or public group” to select the person or people you want all incoming emails from “” to be automatically forwarded too, Click “Okay” then “Finish.”

With these simple changes, every time you get a BPO Blast from whatever companies you create a rule for, you can hear the sound alert even if you are not in front of your computer, you get a popup window, and the email automatically forwarded to all of your support team.  Then you compete to see who can get the BPO first.  You must make sure that your team members have your login credentials to the companies, so they can quickly accept BPO orders.

When creating a rule, if you want to have a specific message show up in the popup window, you can click “display a specific message in the new item alert window.” I have found this can be a good way to indicate login and password details for a particular company. If you are like me, you accept work from many BPO Blast mills, so keeping your login credentials speeds things up.  Creating rules is a very effective way to beat your competition to quickly accepting BPO orders. It is a race to the finish.

Through blood, sweat, and tears, I have put together a lengthy list of banks or outsourcers to sign up with to make application for REO Listing work.

Thank you for sharing!

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