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BPO Broker Price Opinion Sign Up List 2017

Some Realtors make very reliable income on producing quality Broker Price Opinion Reports for various companies. Some Realtors complete them for the fee, others complete them in effort to win future REO Listings.

Broker Price Opinion work is something that many REO Realtors begin with, because it is a crucial part of being an REO Listing Agent. The people hiring you for REO listings will expect you to be fluent in producing BPO reports to them, to help them determine a listing price.

Broker Price Opinion work can be provided by BPO Mills. BPO mills are the companies that are only looking for BPO reports. They pay an agreed upon fee to the Realtor, and the report will not result in an REO listing. Most BPO Mills have no influence in hiring REO Listing Agents.

If your purpose in completing BPO orders is not for the fee, but for future REO listings, be sure to ask the BPO source if they offer REO Listings before accepting. Some of the BPO Companies that offer REO Listings ask you to complete the BPO for FREE, so be careful if your goal is only the fee.

I first completed BPO’s to familiarize myself with what would be required as an REO Listing Agent. To do this, I worked for Mills, and got paid a fee to learn. Not a bad plan. I also happen to think that BPO work will make Realtors better at helping Clients determine value, so it increased my market knowledge s a Realtor.


America’s Infomart Incorporated

ASGBPO If site is unavailable, go to The ASG Companies

AVM (Asset Valuation and Marketing)

Black Hawk Valuation Services

BPOs Online

BPO Direct

BPO Fullfillment

BPO National

Broker Price Opinion

Clear Capital (now requiring a background check that will cost you about $40)

Clear Value Consulting

Collateral Intelligence


Corporate Valuation Servicers Incorporated


Elam REO Services Inc

Emortgage Logic

Real Estate Solutions

Equi-trax Asset Solutions, LP

Equity Pointe


FAS (Financial Asset Services Incorporated) (costs to register)


First American 

First Preston



Goodman Dean

Green River Capital

IAS (Integrated Asset Services)



Kondaur Capital

LAMCO (Lenders Asset Management Corp)

LB Market

Lender Recovery

LRES (Lighthouse Real Estate Solutions)


NAMG (National Asset Management

NVMS (National Vendor Management Services)

National Default
Servicing, LLC

Nationwide BPOs

Network Mortgage Servicing

NPR Capital 

Old Republic Default
Management Services

PCVMURCOR Real Estate Services

Proteck Valuation Services

PMH Financial

Quandis Incorporated

R&D Properties LLC

Reliance Field

Regional REO Services

RELSvaluation Contact the sales department to apply to the network. 877-844-8573 Opt #3

REM Corporation

REO America

REO Brokerage Group


RRReview (Residential RealEstate Review)

Sand Castle Field Services (Sand Castle Field Services)

Safe Harbor Collateral Solutions

SAMREO (Specialized Asset

Security National Holdings Company Inc

ServiceLink FNF’s National Lender

SingleSource Property Solutinos


TREO International, Inc

USA Valuation Services

USRES (United States Real Estate Services)


Valuation Partners

VSS (ValuationSuportServices)

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Realtors can make a very reliable income on producing quality Broker Price Opinion Reports for various companies

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