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  • Well Water. What Realtors Need to Know!

    Well Water. What Realtors Need to Know!

    Wells are a regular part of transactions in rural Oregon. Here is a list of conditions and recommended testing, for your info. We have all looked turned on a faucet and suddenly been overtaken with an unwelcome smell. The go-to answer is to have a water quality test that includes all of the below. In my area, it costs around $250.00 to have the water collected by a licensed party and sent off to the lab. It usually ...
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  • Soliciting Probate Listings

    Soliciting Probate Listings

    Probate is a legal process that the court oversees the estate of a deceased person to make sure the debts are paid the the estate is distributed to the heirs. Probate comes into play regardless if the deceased has a will, or doesn't have a will....
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  • Videos that all Real Estate Agents Should Watch

    Videos that all Real Estate Agents Should Watch

    NAR Channels to subscribe too

    NARs Channel

    Realtor Action Center

    Realtor Magazine

    NAR Info Central

    NAR Meetings Videos focusing on Realtor Safety Safety Online Safety Safety at the Office Safety at Home Safety with Clients Safety at Conveitions For Giggles ...
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  • One Realtor's Response To Home Inspections!

    One Realtor's Response To Home Inspections!

    Should Buyers and Sellers Agents Be at Home Inspections? One of the popular questions I get from homeowners after accepting an offer on their home is who will be at the home inspection. If you have not sold a home in a while it is certainly a legitimate question to ask. The answer however, is not clear cut and dry. Let me start by saying that I try to attend every home inspection whether I am representing the buyer or the seller.Why do I do this for my clients? The answer is pretty simple – it is part of my job! The home inspection is one of the most important hurdles to ...
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  • RE/MAX'S Home Inspection Checklist!

    RE/MAX'S Home Inspection Checklist!

    Home Inspection Checklist Attend your home inspection to see first-hand what the inspector notes, and learn some important details about the house — like how to use the water, sprinklers, heater, electricity, etc. When attending your inspection: • Wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes. You may find yourself crawling under and behind things to see what...
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  • Useful Statistical Data

    Useful Statistical Data

    Realtor Resources

    Housing Statistics
    Existing Home Sales
    The National Association of Realtors release national and regional existing home sales price and volume statistics on or about the 25th of each month. Their reporting includes data for 12 months.
    Pending Home Sales Index Pending Home Sales PHS index measures housing contract activity. It is based on signed real estate contracts. This is a leading indicator of housing activity. Because a home goes under contract a month or tw...
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  • Oregon Real Estate Broker Resource List & Information

    Oregon Real Estate Broker Resource List & Information

    This is a list of commonly needed websites used by Realtors. From researching properties, to locating information about Realtor rules and association locations. These are the websites I frequently visit to assist in providing information to clients, to keep myself updated. PLEASE comment below if you have any favorites you are willing to share. I hope you find this info useful, please share on your favorite social network!!

    Oregon Association of Realtors

    Oregon Licensee Search

    Oregon Real Estate Agency

    Oregon Real Estate Forms

    Oregon Water Resource Department (search for well logs)

    Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (septic system requirements and permits)

    Oregon Homes Listed as unfit because of meth lab and/or storage activities

    Realtor Property Resource (RPR)

    Oregon Buyer and Seller Advisory

    FEMA Map Search (search property addresses for flood plain or way info)

    Oregon Zip Code Search (find city or county zip code is located within)

    Oregon's Foreclosure Laws

    USDA Eligibility...
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  • How to Complete a Fast and Impressive BMA For Relocation Agents – Part 2

    How to Complete a Fast and Impressive BMA For Relocation Agents – Part 2

    Welcome back. Part 2 is about Getting all of the Property Photos and Condition Issues Documented in One Visit.

    If you did not yet read Part 1 of this blog, you may wish to. This is a continuation of the description of my process. I don’t think I mentioned that every pointer described here was learned the hard way See Part one by clicking HERE.

    You have an app...
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  • How to complete a Fast and Impressive BMA - For Relocation Agents and Brokers

    If you have corporate relocation business, you may already know how to complete a fast and impressive BMA (Broker Market Analysis). If you are new to the relocation segment of the industry, or your BMAs are frequently being questioned, pull up a chair. Many of the relocation companies call their valuation reports BMAs. I have also worked with a client who uses the t...
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  • Who Can Garnish Wages?

    Who Can Garnish Wages?

    I have had the distinct misfortune of having to familiarize myself with Garnishments. This can come in to play for Real Estate Professionals. It can also be important to our Clients. I discovered a lengthy list of useful information that I compiled to share. A wage garnishment is also knows as a wage execution. A garnishment is defined as a court-ordered method of collecting a debt in which a portion of a persons salary is paid to a creditor. A garnishing order is always paid direct to the court, never to the creditor. A garnishment is considered a drastic measure for collecting a debt, usually a last resort. There are three types of wage garnishment. IRS Tax order of garnishment, Child Support order of garnishment Third Party order of garnishment. Who is involved in a court ordered garnishment? A creditor, seeking payment of a debt. A debtor who owes the debt. An e...
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