For Sale By Owners and Prospecting to win their business.

For Sale by Owners can be a tough nut to crack, but an excellent source of business for Brokers who are willing to make the effort to win them over.

I have attached the letters I have mailed and the e-newsletters I have sent over the years for the AgentLinkus VIP Members.

Let's talk about For Sale By Owners and why they opt not to have professional representation.

They do not want to pay a commission.
They cannot afford to pay a commission (home is near under-water).
They have had a bad experience with a Broker before.
They are an experienced Buyer or Seller and think they can do they job on their own.
They were previously licensed as a Broker.
They have not found a Broker that they find capable.
They have had success selling on their own before.

Some websites to locate FSBO opportunities.


Your local title company might collect data on local FSBO opportunities for their Agents too. Definitely worth asking.

You can overcome most objections by For Sale By Owners, and persistence is key.

For Sale By Owners are, in my opinion, the BEST source of business. 1. They want to sell. 2. They may also need to buy.

For Sale By Owners may be reluctant to deal with you at first, but you can take baby steps. You might be able to provide them with a CMA to help them gain an expectation of what YOU can sell their house for. Who knows, you might be able to share some good news with them.

Attached you will find my personal prospecting letters I send to For Sale By Owners. You are welcomed to use them, UNLESS YOU ARE SERVING JACKSON COUNTY OREGON. Obviously I do not want to create my own competition!

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