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  • RE/MAX Points Out 7 Common Home Inspection Issues!

    Here are 7 common problems that general home inspections bring to light.

    1. Plumbing:

    Leaking around exposed pipes, particularly with washing machines.
    Outdated pipes. It's common to find old Polybutylene pipes, which your inspector will recommend replacing.

    2. Electrical:

    Ungrounded outlets. You can recognize these by their two-slot configuration versus the three-slot configuration of a grounded outlet. Most inspectors will recommend that you upgrade to grounded outlets.
    Improperly wired breaker boxes. Common hazards include two circuits on a single-pole breaker, oversized breakers, double-pole breakers that supply two single circuits, and wires that cross over the panel's center.

    3. Heating:

    Leaks in piping or heating unit; air ducts that need cleaning.
    Not enough insulation. Insulation requirements vary by location, but an improperly insulated home will always lead to high energy bills.

    4. Drainage:

    A wet basement is a problem because it indicates that water isn't properly draining away from the home.
    Mold in the air. When water isn't draining properly, it can result in mold in the air. Mold can also be a byproduct of dry rot.

    5. Roof:

    Torn and cracked shingles, or flashing that's not properly installed. Each of these can cause roof leakage.

    6. Walls:

    Walls have their own story. Cracks in walls indicate surrounding issues. Structual soundness with common walls and weight bearing walls. Improper home improvements and modifications cause innumerable problems.

    7. Dry rot:

    This occurs when fungus grows in your home's wood due to high condensation. The affected wood will have to be replaced.
    Another main concern is figuring out why the condensation is occurring in the first place.

    Home Inspection Myth: You don't need a home inspection for a newly constructed home. Not so. Property defects come up on new construction all the time. Just because the house is new doesn't mean it was built properly.

    Home Inspection Myth: You don't need a home inspection if you're buying a home warranty. Home warranties rarely cover everything. You'll want to know of any potential problems before your closing so that you the seller can take care of them.

    Home Inspection Fact: The Bottom Line's inspections are some of the most thorough we've ever found. David Klemme inspecting our properties have been nearly visionary. From concrete dumped in toliets, pulled copper wiring to detecting 2 different slab leaks based on a soft kichen floor that was warm to the touch! His focus is always health and safety first! They are highly recommended.

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    Whether there is a little leak or big leak may result in substantial destruction. So before it turns into major damage , have an inspection and call leak detection expert to fix it. I am thankful to share such great tips with us regarding home inspection.


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