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  • Eviction Notices: How Long Should a Notice of Eviction Be

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Colorado

    My 2 roommates have been given verbal notice to move out, (not written) and I have been verbally told that I should start looking as well but as of yet no date has been given.

    Some history of our situation:

    Our House is a duplex Landlord in one half us on the other. Our landlord rented out rooms in our half of the duplex with a minimal 6 month lease, after that it is verbal month to month. I have one roommate who has now been here 12yrs, one has been here 8yrs, and myself 5yrs. The house is OK there is a nice yard the neighborhood is good the is rent decent and we all get along great so I stayed. I'm was friends with my landlord was before I moved in, so he didn't make me sign a lease at first. About a year in or so around four years ago maybe 3.5 years ago he decides to renew leases and has all three of us sign a 1yr lease agreement. That was the last leases any of has signed, so its been expired at least 2.5yrs.

    What has changed:

    Our Landlord has paid of his mortgage and now wants to renovate his whole house. So were just in the way!

    Our goal:

    The three of us would like to stay together and rent a house (we've become friends). The problem is one roommate was given verbal notice of two months to move but was extended one month with a week to go, one was given a thirty day notice with a week to go, and myself told to start looking.

    The threat:

    He has threatened my roommate that he has given three months verbal notice to post a three day eviction notice on his door, then get the sheriffs to evict him.

    The law:

    I've done some research and it seems to me we fall in under the month to month agreement under Colorado Revised Statute 13-40-107 (due to our leases be expired). Under that Statute it would appear to me that with how long we have lived here we are required 90days written notice.

    My questions:

    1St is are we in fact considered month to month?

    2nd if we are considered month to month. Am I right about the 90days written notice under Statute 13-40-107?

    3rd if I'm right about 1&2, if he posts a 3day notice on a Friday afternoon will we even be given a chance to see a judge before the sheriff comes? Can we get a letter of stay until such time as we can see a judge? And if so how?

    Thank you and I look forward to your thoughts on this matter.


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    I am not sure of the laws of CO. I am in Florida and here since its a verbal or month to month lease you would have 30 days from notice then last fri of the following month. So today is Aug 2 then you would have till Sept 30. But thats here in Florida. So it may not be that way in your state
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