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Items Sellers Forget When Moving

When Preparing for an upcoming move, it is important to be organized.  Here are some items that Seller’s frequently leave behind.


When moving day comes, so does that nagging feeling that you have forgotten something.  There are some tricks to make sure that you do not leave anything behind.

As you are packing in the days leading up to the move, draft a checklist of the items you need to remember to pack.  If all else fails, use the following checklist to help you retrieve some of the most forgotten items during a move.

Dishwasher.  No, I do not mean the appliance itself, but all of the dishes inside of the dishwasher.  You might be surprised to discover this is my #1 most overlooked space in a house.  You might be a few place settings short at your next dinner party!

Medication.  Because most medications are kept in a medicine cabinet, they are not obvious at a glance.  They are often needed daily, so are at the house until the last minute.

Lawn Mower.  Lawnmowers are often stored in sheds or outbuildings.  Seller’s generally mow the lawn the day before they move, so after they mow, they return it to the empty shed.  No surprise that the lawnmower is forgotten.

Coffee Maker.  If you or someone in your family is a lover of caffeine, your coffee maker is a kitchen essential.  Because it’s likely to be one of the last things that you will use before leaving the home, it’s also likely to be forgotten.

Hoses and Extension Cords.  Many people forget to pack their hoses and extension cords because they need them until the last minute.

Fire-Resistant Safe.  Many people have these, but they are forgotten during a move.  Although most fireproof boxes are purchased to house important papers and other essentials, they can be overlooked because they are stored (hidden) in an inconspicuous place.

Car Keys.  If you are renting a moving van to haul your belongings to your new home, it’s extremely easy to forget your primary or secondary set of car keys.  Do yourself a favor and make a note to take them along.

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