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Tasks of a GREAT Listing Agent

Common Tasks of a GREAT Listing Agent

These tasks of a great listing agent occur only once the Listing Agent is contracted with a Seller to market and sell their home.  Obtaining a listing contract requires a different set of deliberate tasks.

Just to get a listing, you have to market yourself as a listing agent, successfully convince the Seller you are the right agent to market and sell their home, then you have to perform and impress, so they are comfortable with their listing agents marketing efforts.

To be a great listing agent, that Agent must be very technically savvy, as marketing requires a lot of visibility and a strong online presence.

Natural characteristics also play a large role in being a GREAT Listing Agent.  Are you smart, do you know your business, are you a problem solver, are you likable?  A Seller wants to know they can count on you to get them as much money as possible for their house.

If you have 30-50 listings, you can imagine being a GREAT Listing Agent is not easy.  Not only are you marketing active deals, but you are also coordinating transactions and closings and making people feel comfortable.

  • Sign and Lockbox up.
  • Take marketing photographs and video.
  • Edit marketing photographs and video. Crop photographs, brighten them up, etc..
  • Create a marketing plan specific to the home.
  • Develop marketing verbiage for the MLS, and for online websites.
  • Post on Social Media, a sneak peek of a listing about to hit the market.
  • Create neighborhood notification postcard.
  • Create a flyer for the public.
  • Create a flyer for fellow Agents & Brokers.
  • Create a virtual tour.
  • Enter listing online, your website, marketing sites, etc..
  • Call Lenders you work most with and give them the before market scoop.
  • Call productive Brokers and give them the before market scoop.
  • Enter listing through MLS.
  • Pitch listing at MLS and company meetings.
  • Plan MLS caravan.
  • Decide if an open house is prudent.
  • Take Buyer calls. If you don’t want to represent Buyers, find an Agent who wants the referral.
  • Respond to all Buyer online inquiries and calls. Then follow up.
  • Continually evaluate price and market conditions, reporting to the Seller if any neighboring sales may impact value.
  • Create an online flyer and repeatedly post on websites.
  • Email marketing flyer to MLS Brokers and Agents, particularly the productive ones
  • Create a listing book, filled with useful information on subject house and neighborhood. Include maps, aerials, floorplans, disclosures, etc.. Leave at the site to help Buyer’s Agents show the property and educate their Buyers about the purchase.
  • Respond to all Buyer Agent requests, and get them whatever information they request.
  • Update Seller with all marketing efforts.
  • Update Seller with all showing feedback from fellow Brokers and Agents.
  • Get into contract with capable Buyer.
  • Open Escrow.
  • Track contract deadlines.
  • Follow up with Buyer’s Agent with all deadlines.
  • Get copies of all inspections and reports in accordance with the contract.
  • Confirm appraisal ordered.
  • Confirm Lender is on task to close on time.
  • Make sure Seller is on task to move and leave the home If tenant involved, get copies of Sellers notice to vacate and make sure Seller has a few extra days after vacating to clean up after tenant if needed.
  • Review settlement statement.
  • Remove Lockbox and Sign.
  • Get keys and make arrangements to get to the Buyer’s Agent.
  • Confirm sale has funded and recorded.
  • Deliver keys, thank Buyer’s Agent for getting the job done.
  • Let the Seller know it is a done deal.
  • Make sure they know you appreciate their business, and that you would appreciate referrals.
  • Send out just sold marketing postcards to neighbors

Boom, there it is! If there are any noteworthy changes to the listing, like PRICE, a listing agent will have to update all marketing efforts to reflect the update. Price reductions offer an opportunity to re-market the property.

Do you have any tasks to add? Post below, I want to be thorough. I am sure I forgot some, so don’t be shy.

If you have 30-50 listings, you can imagine being a GREAT Listing Agent is not easy. Not only are you marketing active deals, but you are also coordinating transactions and closings and making people feel comfortable.

Thank you for sharing!

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